Aakhri Peshi

Original Writer: Vladlen Dozortsev
Director: Jaspaul Sandhu
Adaptation: Mumtaz Nikhat
Set Design: Ajit Dandekar
Production-in-charge: Avinash Chauhan
Music Composition: Vikas Rawat
Backstage Manager: Waaris Ahmed / Shaunak Shah

"There are only two genuine kinds of misfortune," said Leo Tolstoy, "illness and pangs of conscience."
A surgeon, who is now a deputy Health Minister, carefully plots his way to national recognition by building up a record of successful surgeries. 
Helping him along this path is a bureaucrat, the secretary to the ministry, whose survival depends on propping up others. 
The drama takes an angle when an unknown protester barges into their office. He recalls the medical case of a certain Madan Sharma who was unsympathetically refused surgery by the successful surgeon.Their characters take on shades as they begin to reflect upon their misdeeds.

Aanjjan Srivastav, Vishnu Mehra, Sanjeeva Vats, Manju Sharma / Pooja Bhavoria, Avinash Chauhan.